Work with our experienced instructional designers to convert your content into interactive media, courses, and ebooks

Hybrid eLearning

Take an advantage of both the face-to-face and online formats and decrease the schedule class time and commute time for students.


A combination of presentations, help guides and multimedia content can help make your training visually appealing and interactive.

HTML5 Development

Make your content platform independent including array of smartphones and tablets with lots of interactions through HTML 5 courseware development.

3D Animations

From medical training to engineering, our team has the expertise to develop high-end animations for optimized learning.

Rapid Authoring

Expert use of rapid authoring tools allows us to deliver professional content on schedule competitive prices.


We can help you deliver your content in up to 150 different languages for global reach.

A Complete Localized Solution !

SmartSchool Education offers a complete localized solution for its customers. With a strong team of subject matter experts, animation artists and software professionals, the company has the capabilities of providing a complete localized solution, tailored made as per customer’s requirements. The following types of localization can be undertaken :-

  • Localization related to the medium of Language.
  • Localization related to the course curriculum
  • Localization related to the voice over and accent.
  • Localization related to the regional sensibilities.

Content Delivery options

Individuals, institutions and corporates have easy access to the entire content library through the following delivery options:
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Mobile Android and iOS Apps
  • USB / CD for offline accessibility
  • Customized white label platform solutions

Our Happy Clients

We have 50+ certified trainers for in demand technology trainings delivered through the medium of virtual classrooms.