The leaders in ready to use content worldwide!

Yes that’s right, with over high definition 50,000 ready to use multimedia learning resources, we have the largest ready to use digital content repository in the market.

Taking Learning to a new dimension !

SmartSchool offers an extensive ready to use digital content library for education institutions and corporates. The content library comprises of combination of 3D/2D animations,interactive simulations and game based learning modules. The content library holds more than 50,000 education modules in various formats, which can ported on to all major software platforms. The digital content has been majorly divided into three domains :-

  • K-12
      2D/3D content for various subjects including English, Science, and Math
  • Test Prep
      Courses and assessments such as GMAT, GRE, SAT.
  • Professional Courses
      Finance, Accounting, Sales, IT, HR, Healthcare, Business Skills.
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A Complete Localized Solution !

SmartSchool believes in providing a complete localized solution to its customers. With a strong team of subject matter experts, animation artists and software professionals, the company has the capabilities of transforming the ready to use content library into a complete localised solution, tailored made as per customer’s requirements. The following types of localization can be undertaken :-

  • Localization related to the medium of Language.
  • Localization related to the course curriculum
  • Localization related to the voice over and accent.
  • Localization related to the regional sensibilities.

Content Delivery options

Individuals, institutions and corporates have easy access to the entire content library through the following delivery options:
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Mobile Android and iOS Apps
  • USB / CD for offline accessibility
  • Customized white label platform solutions

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We have 50+ certified trainers for in demand technology trainings delivered through the medium of virtual classrooms.