Grow Your ERP Business: Get More Clients With 10 Easy Ways

Are you looking for ways to grow your ERP business and make it profitable? According to research, the ERP market was valued at $43.72 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $117.09 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 10.0% from 2021 to 2030. And as an ERP business owner you would want a piece of that cake for sure. 
Read on to learn more about how different marketing strategies can help you get more clients for your ERP business.
How Can You Grow Your ERP Business?
The ERP market faces intense competition because there are many ERP solution providers. As a result, organizations and businesses have more options and power when choosing a solutions provider. To compete with one another, you must develop marketing plans and tactics as a provider of ERP solutions. You must have an efficient marketing technique to capture the market, obtain competitive advantage, and boost earnings.
Another problem ERP business owners face in India is that most businesses have not kept up with technological changes. Companies often have outdated business processes modified to work with their present enterprise stack’s limited capabilities. The pandemic significantly changed this attitude as operations in the supply chain and typical company operations were substantially disrupted. So, suppose your ERP firm relies on point solutions or a traditional on-premises ERP platform.
In that case, you must encourage your clients to take part in a thorough reorganization of their business activities. And this encouragement can only be done through proper marketing techniques.
Top 10 Best Marketing Strategies To Grow Your ERP Business
1. Storytelling always wins
ERP solutions are complex because they come with a broader range of features, functions, and applications. Therefore, your message regarding the product or service must be communicated. You must effectively connect your services and products to consumer needs and demonstrate how they will benefit consumers’ daily activities. To gain clients, you must structure a compelling narrative of the ERP service to correspond with how it will meet your client’s demands. If the service is appropriate for their industry, overall, excellent storytelling will instantly draw the desired audience and customers.
2. Content marketing
Effective content marketing, including podcast features and live broadcasts on sites like Instagram and Facebook, is the key to converting potential customers into actual customers and bringing more people to your website or social media platforms. These platforms are very good at connecting people, keeping customers engaged, and informing them about the services. Regular newsletters, discussion boards, Reddit threads, and blogs are also helpful for prospective customers who prefer to do an extensive study before investing in or subscribing to the ERP system.
To draw clients and distinguish yourself from competitors, it is crucial to invest in content production and dissemination.
3. Investing in Original Video Content
You must invest in creating original video content because video marketing is becoming one of the most effective techniques for advertising. Users and businesses prefer to watch a brief, educational video rather than read a lengthy description of the product, service, or solution, as attention spans are getting shorter. With understandable content, prospective clients will be more inclined to engage and consider your ERP business.
4. Use SEO to grow your ERP business
With so many ERP solution suppliers on the market, SEO is essential for attracting and securing prospective clients. The correct target market and customers can find you and are more likely to use your service if you employ organic or paid keywords that are directly associated with your ERP system. This strategy is regarded as one of the most successful ones because it will make you stand out from your rivals and aim to take market share.
5. Investing in Google Ads Can Boost your ERP Business
Pay-per-click advertising is one of the strategies used in inorganic marketing through Google Ads. It is pretty effective at catching the eye of potential customers who are not yet actively looking for an ERP system or software. As a result, ERP solution suppliers gain both more social reputation and higher visibility.
6. Social Media Marketing
In the current environment, social media marketing is essential for every company. Through it, you can simultaneously reach practically everyone you want, establish trust, offer support, and improve your business image.
By analyzing them, you can determine the channels where your potential clients are most active. When your brand begins to gain awareness, try other social media platforms. It’s time to run the appropriate campaigns in the proper locations. Facebook and Twitter, for instance, are excellent for becoming famous. Instagram and Pinterest work better for direct product sales. However, you may use LinkedIn to increase your professional lead generation.
7. Establishing Thought Leadership through Website/Blog
Publish top-notch content such as articles about ERP software and even on websites devoted to the sector. If the tactics are correctly implemented, qualified traffic for your ERP business will increase, along with your credibility and reputation as a leader in your niche.
8. Referrals
Provide your current customers with outstanding service to increase your reputation. More people will talk about you as a result, and they might even refer you to their clientele. So, always have top-notch customer service, which helps you get referrals that would lead to more success.
9. Direct Sales
Another crucial marketing tactic is directly selling your ERP software to end users. Direct selling enables you to operate your enterprises more flexibly without paying high overhead charges. Customers gain from the ease and individualized service provided by direct services. Personal interactions contribute to better relations with your end users and higher referrals.
10. Outsourcing
If you cannot implement the mentioned marketing strategies effectively, consider outsourcing this part of your business. You can hire a lead generation business to implement your marketing strategies for excellent prospecting and market research services. Keep an eye on things and keep records.
Bonus Strategy: Launch Your Own ERP App
ERP apps allow businesses to offer top-notch service, be more productive, build solid client connections, and gain a competitive advantage. With your app at the fingertips, your clients will be able to access real time insights on valuable data.
Now, building an app requires huge amount of investment, energy and resources but we have a solution for that too. You can now pick your own ready made ERP app and grow your ERP business faster than ever!
How can SmartSchool solutions grow your ERP business?
Smart School Education Pvt. Ltd offers a more innovative way to boost your ERP business through white-labeled solutions. It assists your business in various ways so that you profit from our expertise.
Get Your Own ERP App and Digital Content
Get high-quality K-12 learning app along with digital content containing 2D-3D engaging animated modules, and interactive quizzes under your brand name. Your branded app uploaded on Play Store and students’ pockets in less than 30 days.
We will launch a white-labeled e-Learning app under your brand name with exhaustive digital learning content containing 50000+ video modules and 2 million learning resources. 
Along with K-12 digital content and learning app, you will also get LMS (Learning Management System) which comes up with strong tracking and monitoring features.
High-quality digital content from our end will help you gain more traction in the market and boost your brand’s growth.
Schools purchase ERP solutions at a highly negotiated per student per month model. By adding digital content with your ERP you can command a premium. You can also retail it selectively and generate higher profits.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact SmartSchool today to grow your ERP business under your brand name. SmartSchool will creatively foster your ambition and support you and your ERP business.
To know more, call on 8927089270 or email us at

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