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A Holistic Assessment Solution

It is well known that assessment forms a critical part of any learning process. The SmartSchool Assessment suite provides a robust assessment environment for K-12 institutions to create, monitor and host assessments on real-time basis. The assessment suite has the capabilities of supporting millions of users at a same time, coupled with the provision of running both offline and online. The assessment suite comprises of three major components : Examguru, Coursebuilder and Teachermate application.

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ExamGuru is a client side part of the assessment suite, that has been specially for K-12 schools to enable them to conduct online/offline tests among students.

Course Builder

Course builder is a backend application which has been designed to empower the teachers to create their own course content such as quizzes, notes and worksheets, as per their curriculum.


Teachermate application helps the teacher community to monitor and control the student activity on real time basis in the assessment suite.
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  • Available for both online/offline delivery.
  • Customizable as per schools requirements
  • Complete analysis with AI based feedback reports.
  • Can be delivered in multiple formats
  • Supports multiple question types.
  • Output in terms of relative ranking and percentiles
  • Support millions of users simultaneously.

Product Demo

SmartSchool Assessment suite is a comprehensive software suite with loads of features and utilities. To completely understand the product, it is pertinent for potential customers to have a first hand look at the product. Therefore, we invite you to book a demo session with us by clicking the below link. Our support team will subsequently get in touch with you with the complete details related to the demo session. The demo session will include the complete walk-through of the software with in-dept explanation of each features and their utilities.

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What Clients Say

The assessment suite is a complete solution for all our assessment needs. The software is easy to implement and deploy, its multiple hierarchy architecture is helping us in monitoring our ecosystem.
Tausif Hassan, The SmartSchool
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