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SmartSchool LMS: A LMS with no boundaries!

SmartSchool LMS is a robust offline/online based LMS platform, where the entire eLearning ecosystem resides.The offline LMS is used in K-12 institutions, where internet is a challenge. With this, the complete eLearning offering can be delivered through offline mediums like pen drives, DVDs. The online LMS is a cloud based platform where the entire digital content is integrated into the school learning ecosystem through the cloud. Key components of the LMS system are :-

  • Course Management
  • Security Management
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Course Management

SmartSchool LMS’s extensive course management capabilities enables an efficient management of different curricula on a single platform. The LMS’s architecturally robust structure helps in creating a user friendly UI and provides complete control to the users.

Security Management

SmartSchool LMS has a robust security management system, that forms the backbone of the software.The security management enables a single machine use for the software and its on the fly encryption and decryption mechanism, keeps the data secured in most challenging of the environments.
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  • Online LMS access through institute’s website
  • Offline LMS easily portable on DVD and USB
  • Crossplatform in nature
  • Robust security management.
  • Supports major file formats.
  • Built-in sync capabilities for real time updates.
  • Built on highly scalable architecture.

Product Demo

SmartSchool LMS is a comprehensive learning platform for schools with loads of features and utilities. To completely understand the product, it is pertinent for potential customers to have a first hand look at the product. Therefore, we invite you to book a demo session with us by clicking the below link. Our support team will subsequently get in touch with you.The demo session will include the complete walk-through of the software with in-dept explanation of each features and their utilities. the software with in-dept explanation of each features and their utilities.

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What clients Say

I am been very much impressed by the performance of their LMS, because it can run offline, we are now able to distribute the software to almost every student in our school.
Ativeer Singh, Mount Litera Zee School
The LMS software is highly recommended for any school, which is looking for an offline solution. Their dynamic key generator has also helped us in issuing trial keys to our students.
Mohinder Singh, PKS international School
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