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SmartSchool Tab: The Education Powerhouse

SmartSchool Tab is next generation android based tablet, powered with superior hardware configuration and coupled with 1 year license for curriculum mapped K-12 digital content supported by robust assessment software. Based on latest android operating system, the tablet comes with advanced android features, which makes it a complete learning package for the K-12 community.

  • K-12 Digital Content & Assessment
  • Superior Hardware configuration
  • SmartSchool Product Warranty

K-12 Digital Content

SmartSchool Tab comes with k-12 digital content , which is a complete 3D/2D animation based education content, localized as per school curriculum.

Superior Hardware

SmartSchool Tab is powered with a superior hardware configuration , that is best in its class, thereby making it the most advanced education tablet in the market.

Product Warranty

SmartSchool Tab comes with 1 year product warranty, and can be easily serviceable through service centers across India.

Superior Configuration

SmartSchool Tab is probably the most advanced education tablet to hit the market. The tab comes with a superior hardware configuration.
  • 9.6″ Tablet with Latest Android OS
  • 1.33 GHz Quad core processor
  • 1 Gb RAM Memory
  • 16 Gb internal Memory
  • 5000 mAh battery

Want to Order ?

SmartSchool Tab is available for both personal and institutional use. To order the product, please get in touch with our sales representative for further information.

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What Parents Say

With their in depth explanation and beautiful visualization of concepts, my child has started taking interest in science. Would surely recommend this to any student, serious about studies
Geetika Gupta, parent
With SmartSchool software, now i can keep a track of what my child’s academic performance. I was also amazed to see the interest that my child has developed using this software. Highly recommend to any student, serious of their studies.
Dr Vimal Sethi, parent