The Most powerful Education device !

SmartSchool Tutor: The Education Power pack !

SmartSchool Tutor is an eLearning package containing curriculum mapped k-12 digital content supported by robust assessment software (Examguru) integrated on an advanced offline/online LMS. With over 50,000 modules mapped to school curriculum, the software is best tool to secure high grades in the school examination. The tutor consists of three major components :-

  • K-12 Digital Content
  • ExamGuru
  • Offline/Online LMS
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K-12 Digital Content

Tutor pack consists k-12 digital content , which is a complete 3D/2D animation based education content, localized as per school curriculum.


Tutor pack also comes with a robust assessment software, Examguru. The software has been specially designed for k-12 curriculum and can be taken both in offline/online format.

Offline/Online LMS

SmartSchool tutor is hosted on a robust offline and online based LMS , wherein the entire digital content resides in an user friendly client side application.

How it works?

SmartSchool Tutor is probably the most easy to use education solution created so far. Powered with Rich content and advanced software ecosystem, SmartSchool tutor is a per class solution and comes in a plug and play USB device for better usability and acceptability. All you need is a windows based machine to run the most advanced and affordable education solution created so far. SmartSchool Tutor also comes loaded on a SD card device for android based tablets. If you have a tablet, all you need is a Smart School tutor SD card to transform your tablet into an education power house.

Product Demo

To completely understand the product, it is pertinent for potential customers to have a first hand look at the product. Therefore, we invite you to book a demo session with us by clicking the below link. Our support team will subsequently get in touch with you.

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What parents Say

With their in depth explanation and beautiful visualization of concepts, my child has started taking interest in science. Would surely recommend this to any student, serious about studies
Geetika Gupta, parent
With SmartSchool software, now i can keep a track of what my child’s academic performance. I was also amazed to see the interest that my child has developed using this software. Highly recommend to any student, serious of their studies.
Dr Vimal Sethi, parent

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