Promote Your School Brand and 9 Ways To Get More Admissions

You must evaluate and enhance your marketing initiatives if you want to outperform your competitors and meet the demands of parents and students. Your marketing plan must demonstrate your advantage over the competition and explain why you’re the greatest. In this blog, we have shared 9 ways to help you get more admissions and promote your school brand.
9 Simple and Easy Ways To Promote Your School Brand
1. Place sponsored social media ads to promote your school brand
You can’t ignore social media ads when it comes to developments in school marketing. Instead of concentrating on all platforms at once, do some research and analysis to find out which platform is used the most frequently by your audience. Then, run ads on that platform. You’ll save time and money on advertising.
Ad campaigns on social media may be extremely targeted, which is their main benefit over traditional marketing. Today, almost all social media platforms—from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube—offer a strong targeting option.
You must write well-organized ad copy and attractive add graphics to capture the audience’s attention and encourage conversion in order to raise your enrollment rate.
2. Find the pain points 
Understanding the problems that your target audience is facing will help you improve your admission enrolment rate. Here, parents and students are your main target demographic. You must therefore consider them from their perspective and put yourself in their shoes.
Consider the situation from all possible perspectives to pinpoint their pain areas. Security, curriculum style, distance from home to school, staff calibre, and other factors may be involved. Create content for ad campaigns or blogs that tackles their potential pain points once you’ve finished identifying them.
3. Create relevant content for your target audience 
The next thing people do when they are uncertain is to take out their phone and Google the question. They may click on your URL and learn more about your school if you have written a blog that addresses the problem and is keyword-optimized, ranking on the first page of the search engine.
4. Show how many parents trust you!
You can display recommendations from former students, parents, and teachers. (Remember that 95% of consumers do their research before making a purchase.)
Similarly, you might show them that your school has been referenced in well-known articles or newspapers. They may become more self-assured and enrol in your school as a result of it. Additionally, you can use any accolades that your school may have received. Again, increasing your school’s credibility and dependability by providing evidence will enhance student admissions.
Your alumni speak for your school; when they have a favorable reputation in the community and are willing to spread the word about you, your credibility rises. Allow them to talk to prospective parents about your school’s ethos, atmosphere, faculty, programme, and more. Personal referrals from former students may be more effective at increasing student enrollment.
5. Respond Fast 
People generally lack patience. If you don’t answer their question right away, they’ll pass you by. When a parent or student asks questions in your inbox or comment section of your posts, make sure you reply as fast as you can. Your promptness will not let them forget who you are. 
6. Upload photos of your school.
Text-only content lacks the charm and appeal of visual content. Sharing images of your school’s facilities and classrooms on your website or social media will enable individuals to view it from the comfort of their own homes. They will be able to see the physical building of your institution as well as the amenities that are offered.
This is significant. Parents are curious about the type of institution their child would attend, where they would study, and whether the setting will be conducive to learning. You can also share accomplishments, pictures of pupils who have excelled, and professors who are describing their successes to boost your reputation. You can also upload images of the activities taking place at your school.
7. Adopt local SEO to promote your school brand
The latest developments in school marketing heavily emphasize on local SEO. Your website must be local search engine optimized. Use “nearby” or “near me” keywords to optimize your website pages. 
8. Utilise Google My Business 
Given that a significant portion of people use Google, a sizable audience can view and access your profile. The more your visibility is, or the more frequently your school appears in search results, the more likely it is that people will notice you. It’s a creative and useful replacement for traditional advertising. 
Add all the updated information to your Google My Business profile. This will increase your school’s visibility in local searches and draw more parents to your school from your city or town.
Using Google my business makes it simple for your customers to post good reviews. Also, reviews are used by search engines to rank search results because people enjoy reading them so make sure you encourage your customers, alumni, former students and staff to leave positive feedback on your Google my business profile. 
9. Launch Your Own School App To Promote Your School Brand
Launching your own school app can make a huge difference to your school. With Smartschool’s White-label app solution, you can get your own school app which includes a powerful teaching platform, an interactive and ready made learning app for students with exhaustive e-learning resources, under your own brand name. 
Exhaustive Digital Content 
The digital e-learning content is mapped with the CBSE, ICSE, and all significant Indian state boards and includes 50,000+ animated modules, 2,000,000+ learning resources, and 10,000+ interactive games. Books from more than 3000 publishers have been mapped to give students the most individualized experience possible.
Powerful Teaching App
Smartschool provides a strong teaching platform for teachers and administrators that enables them to monitor students’ progress, conduct live sessions, share assignments, keep track of attendance, and send notifications, among other things. Students can access all of this and more through your own custom-branded app.
Benefits of School App 
Improves your students’ preparedness level.
Boost your students academic performance 
High quality animated e-learning content in the school app will help the students understand the concepts easily and retain it for the long term. 
Concepts are explained thoroughly with the help of engaging videos and graphics to help students learn faster. 
About SmartSchool Education 
SmartSchool Education Pvt. Ltd, based in Delhi, was founded by DCE alumni more than ten years ago and has actively provided innovative educational solutions to educational institutions in India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, Dubai, Kuwait, and Oman.
To know more, please call on 8927089270
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