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SmartSpeak: Innovation meets Education

Smartspeak is next generation talking books, powered with superior research backed curriculum. The talking books are based on multi-sensory learning, where it simulates the multi senses of vision, touch, sound and speech. SmartSpeak comes with a revolutionary pen device, which can be used with any of the Smartspeak curriculum books.

English Speaking

SmartSpeak comes with highly researched English Speaking Course , which is mapped as per the talking book technology.

Language Learning

SmartSpeak comes with highly researched language learning Courses ,which is mapped as per the talking book technology.

Kindergarten Curriculum

SmartSpeak comes with highly researched Kindergarten Curriculum ,which is mapped as per the talking book technology.

Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning

SmartSpeak books provide multi-sensory learning through unique combination of touch, sound and Visual. SmartSpeak will help your child develop following skills:-
  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Motor Skills

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SmartSpeak is available for both personal and institutional use. To order the product, please get in touch with our sales representative for further information.

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What Parents Say

With their in depth explanation and beautiful visualization of concepts, my child has started taking interest in science. Would surely recommend this to any student, serious about studies
Geetika Gupta, parent
With SmartSchool software, now i can keep a track of what my child’s academic performance. I was also amazed to see the interest that my child has developed using this software. Highly recommend to any student, serious of their studies.
Dr Vimal Sethi, parent