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A Complete Localized Solution !

SmartSchool Education offers a complete localized solution for its customers. With a strong team of subject matter experts, animation artists and software professionals, the company has the capabilities of providing a complete localized solution, tailored made as per customer’s requirements. The following types of localization can be undertaken :-

  • Localization related to the medium of Language.
  • Localization related to the course curriculum
  • Localization related to the voice over and accent.
  • Localization related to the regional sensibilities.

Content Delivery options

Individuals, institutions and corporates have easy access to the entire content library through the following delivery options:
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Mobile Android and iOS Apps
  • USB / CD for offline accessibility
  • Customized white label platform solutions

Our Happy Clients

We have 50+ certified trainers for in demand technology trainings delivered through the medium of virtual classrooms.